Mervyn Victoria – Longboard Dancer and Avid Dabber

After the release of his recent video in Tacoma, Washington, we sat Merv down to learn more about his start with longboarding and why he’s transitioned from downhill speed freak to longboard dancer and avid dabber.

Mervyn Victoria bird scooters
We all know scooters are cooler anyways.

So, Mr Mervyn Victoria… When did you start skating and why?

I got my first board when I was 13. It was a $40 longboard complete, and I thought it was the dopest thing ever. It wasn’t until age 18 when I got seriously into longboarding, purchasing a Loaded Tan Tien and learning how to stand up slide.
I started skating because it was simply fun. As a young child, I always enjoyed roller skating and ice skating nights, so naturally longboarding was awesome to me as well.
Mervyn Victoria at Stadium High School
Cross steppin over Stadium High School.

Who are your top 3 most influential skaters and why?

Ethan Cochard

Ethan was by far my biggest influencer. His videos and image of longboarding got me head deep into it when I was just starting University studies, and all I could think about in those days was longboarding.

Hans Wouters

Hans would be second. Hans made me realize how dope dancing and freestyle was with his completion of all 10 Loaded Challenges in one day. That video was epic. I basically quit free-riding and bought a new dancing board the week I subscribed to his Youtube channel (which you should do too).

Lotfi Lamaali

Lotfi was always the grandmaster and leader of the longboard dancing scene. His events and skating videos really made me stoked about practicing everyday and getting to a level where I could try to learn some of the tricks he created.

What made you shift your focus from downhill to dancing?

The problem with downhill longboarding is that going uphill is not nearly as fun as going down. Also, when you work a full time job and do your best to cram skating in, its not easy to have perfect conditions, a shuttle lined up, and a nice hill to skate. 
With dancing, you can literally go right outside your house and start skating. 
Additionally, I was kind of tired of the small bag of tricks and things I could do in freeriding/downhill. In dancing, it is nearly infinite the amount of tricks you can learn, try, and create. 
Mervyn Victoria longboard hippy jump
Hippy jumps save lives.

Longboarding Bucket list? 

Travel to Europe for longboarding, and speak French with Lotfi Lomaali. Develop, prototype and release a dancing board. (coming soon 😉)

Favorite skating food? 

Bubbly water and bananas.

What gets you most hyped about being part of the Moonshine fam?

The technology of the boards is insane. The functionality and weight of the boards is unmatched by other dancing boards I’ve been on.
On top of this, the team has quite some energy. If you guys have ever interacted with Jarrid Lopez or with Brandon DesJarlais, they are…. lively. Which is exactly what you want in a team.
Aside from that, Moonshine is doing some dope things in 2019/2020, so be prepared for some new concepts and ideas!
Mervyn Victoria Stadium High
“Make sure you get that dab in there.”


Any plans for 2019? 

I’d like to go to SYCLD in the Netherlands and to China for any sort of dancing events they have there as well. Other than that, spend a lot of time with my cat, and skate everyday.

What’s your biggest goal?

When I started dancing back in 2016, winning SYCLD was almost always the end goal for me. This is still a big goal of mine, but I’ve become more focused on enjoying the skating and learning process of dancing.
Mervyn Victoria Hoedown medium
Merv and his trusty Hoedown Medium

Current set-up?

What advice would you give to new riders?

Always be respectful to other riders, security guards and your friends/family. Less hate, and more love is the answer.

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All photos by Brandon DesJarlais.

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