Moonshine Mfg just bought Arsenal Trucks

We are stoked to share the news that Moonshine Mfg recently purchased Arsenal Trucks. Moonshine Mfg has been a fan of Arsenal for several years, as we have included them on all of our complete decks. We love a cast truck that is constructed, rides and performs like a precision machined truck.  When the opportunity came up to join forces, we decided to take advantage of this natural fit. 

Arsenal Trucks 180mm black Moonshine Portland
Which board would you set these 180mm 44* black Arsenals up on?


Arsenal Trucks 180mm black Moonshine set up
We chose to set these 180mm 44* black Arsenals up on the Rum Runner for bomber freeride and downhill.

Features We Stand Behind

  • Stiff and straight axles made from hardened alloy steel
  • Heat treated for un-matched strength and durability
  • Flippable hanger with custom kingpin hole geometry to maximize bushing contact
  • Insane return and response with tight deep bushing seats
  • Ultra strong precision cast alloy hangers and bases
  • Same geometry as precision machined trucks
  • Zero-slop precision pressed kingpin
Crimson Red Arsenal Trucks
Chillin on the beach with Arsenal Trucks in Crimson Red.

Arsenal Trucks Has Options For Any Rider

Hanger Widths 

165mm – Recommended for downhill racing or most boards under 9.5″ wide.

180mm – Great all-around width suited for most longboards. 

Baseplate Angles 

44 Degree – Geared towards fast downhill descents and riders that prefer a more stable and leany ride.

50 Degree – Designed with turning in mind. Perfect for everything from city slashing to longboard dancing.


  • Silver
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
Jarrid Lopez on 180mm Arsenal Trucks
Jarrid Lopez sending his infamous lady-killer grab on Arsenal 180mm 50* trucks.

“Arsenal trucks is an up and coming truck company that has A LOT of potential. They have strong products that satisfy the demands of even the most extreme downhill and free ride skaters. I’m riding Arsenal because of their drive for pushing the limits, they care about feedback from customers and riders, and I want to help make a difference in the longboard truck industry. The brand ties well with Moonshine because not only have they done business together since the beginning, but they also have the same mind set when it comes to innovation, stoke, and product quality. I look forward to riding for Arsenal trucks for a long time, and do what I can to make a difference in the industry. To the future, cheers!”

Jarrid Lopez, Arsenal Trucks and Moonshine team rider

CLICK HERE to explore the entire Arsenal Trucks line up.

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Photos courtesy of Kevin Carlton, Matt Boozer, and Eli Kaba.

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  1. Awesome! Keen to try a pair on my firewater. Which size would you suggest between the 165mm and 180mm? I’m leaning towards the 44 degree ones.

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