10 Steps to Survive Your First Eurotour

Is it possible to do an Eurotour without drinking any beer?!?

This year I experienced my first Eurotour EVER. I learned a lot about skating and traveling for long periods of time with a diverse group of dudes. Let me talk about my adventure…

3rd place at Kozakov Juniors Division

My First Eurotour EVER

So to begin I had to find a way to go to these events and luckily Lillian Barou (that i didn’t really know at the time), gave me the opportunity to travel with him and Nawin in his camping car. I instantly asked Brandon DesJarlais if he wanted to travel with us and that’s what happened.

Together we went from Woodwings in France, to Kozàkov in Czech Republic, and then finished at KnK in Slovenia. Woodwings was a chill week to get prepared for Kozàkov. Unfortunately I managed to get DQ in open, but finished 3rd just behind my buddies Nick and Cole in the Junior division. KnK was my favorite part (maybe because it was the last event). I was really excited for the no paws race where I sadly brushed the pavement with my puck after a few runs.

So here are 10 tips you need to know to survive your first eurotour:

1) Don’t drink any weird liquid that will make you sick for days.

2) Wear your protections especially at the beginning of the trip. Roadrash and leathers isn’t the best combo.

Knee pads probably saved me 2 seconds after this

3) Find the secret of Kozàkov – it’s a game changer.

Leading Adrien at Kozakov

4) Take several pairs of shoes. You might burn them by doing some buttboard runs in the patchy, or soak them when you inevitably drink beer from your shoe.

5) Participate in the Kebbek fun factory at KnK. You might do some dumb shit and get roadrash for nothing, but it is so much fun. Shout out to my teammate Lillian!

Almost high-siding into corner 8 with a fat pack at KnK

6) If you want a raw run at KNK, ask as soon as possible otherwise you might get fucked – same for falafel though. Speed isn’t only important on the hill.


7) MAJOR KEY. Pick your side of the bracket for the Red Bull No Paws Down race. Leather or not leather? This is the question. Ask Patrick Lombardi for more infos.


8) Try all your wheels at KnK. Some felt weird. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on wheels you should consider the Kebbek “core a set get a set” offer. If you want to skate the best ones there, get some Powells like 90% of the people there.

9) Don’t go switch with a split set-up.

Gaping an epic sunset at Camp Woodwings

10) Try to visit some interesting cities on the way back home. Gotta make the most of the trip back.


Follow those tips to successfully make your Eurotour as epic as mine was.
Oh by the way, it’s true that I didn’t have any beer. 🍻


Antoine rides the 2018 Moonshine Spirit.

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