Sauerkraut, Beer and Skating! 3 Reasons Why I Love Being A Downhill Skater in Bavaria

You probably heard of the German state Bavaria once – beer, Sauerkraut and Knödel, Dirndl and Lederhosen. People with a language so crazy even some Germans can’t understand.

That’s everything? Nah… Here are 3 reasons why it’s awesome being a downhill skater based in Bavaria:

1 – The Scenery

First of all, of course, the scenery of the Bavarian Forest. Gently hills or big mountains, woodland as far as the eye can see with green fields full of fluffy mooing milk and chocolate animals. And the best thing: beautiful, skateable roads – if you know where they are.

The “Bavarian Skating” spot

2 – The Locals

So, if you wanna skate those roads, get connected with the local Skate crew, SektorF Skating. These people know best where to bomb the hills in their so called “Woid” (Bavarian for “forest”).
But that’s not the only thing. You’re in race mode? Visit one of their organized outlaw races. You want a small but super fun season ender? Go to the Skatefest. Or: The place where crazy, disguised people are knocking each other out in the corners.

SektorF Skatefest 2017 – Mario Kart race

And what would be a skater without his buddies behind the camera? Especially when they all know what they’re doing. God dammit. Much love bud <3

Getting ready for filming (…or something else?)

3 – Proximity to Big Events

I mean, almost every event in Europe is reachable in less than half a day. You can drive 4 hours through Germany or you can go to Austria, Slovenia or Czech Republic in the same time. The whole Euro-tour. And hell yeah, those events are awesome!

Alpenrauschen 2017


My boards of choice: Moonshine Tucker and Moonshine Hoedown

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(Photos by Stefan Hari J., KLD Media, Phil Hasi, Che-Pics)

Moe Wein

Moe is another dude from the Bavarian Forest. Shredding since he was a child, he loves bombing hills and hanging around with the crew. As a founder of the SektorF crew and helping out at the local skateshop he loves to support and teach new members of the family. Currently he's studying materials science in Dresden, maybe to invent a new urethane for big thanelines that lasts forever.

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