5 Reasons Why Every Longboarder Should Visit North Carolina

Brandon DesJarlais and I took a road trip from my hometown in Virginia Beach, VA to Wilmington, NC and finally Asheville, NC.  I personally haven’t been to Asheville in 6 years, back when paradise hill was the talk of the town. Now-of-days there are more skaters in the area, filled with majority of love over hate.  We experienced a culture shift (compared to our last adventure in New York) but the good vibes were still rolling for sure. To give you a taste of what we experienced, here are five reasons why you and your friends, should visit the great state of North Carolina.

Jarrid Lopez Hi-5
“Sick run brotha” – Brandon | “I know” – Jarrid.


Jarrid Lopez Lady killer slide
Jarrid Lopez sending it hard with a lady killer slide.

1 – The Hills Will Teach You How To Downhill

If you’ve never experienced downhill skateboarding and want to get into it, this is the place to be. The roads are very diverse with distance, pavement quality, and steepness. I strongly recommend visiting this state if you wish to either learn or improve your skills in downhill.

Brandon DesJarlais wins Brixton longboard event
Brandon won the Brixton Outlaw longboard event on his Outlaw.


Brandon DesJarlais's Moonshine MFG Outlaw
Brandon’s winning set up: 2018 Outlaw with Aera trucks, Powell wheels, and RipTide bushings.

2 – Beautiful Scenery

The views are amazing! Every run I went to had either  the blue ridge mountains in the background, a river at the bottom of the run, or an open field during a run. It’s different than the Oregon mountains because not all trees in North Carolina are evergreen.  Thus you get to experience the different seasons in the east coast mountains.

Pit stop with TBO
Pit stop with the boys.


Hooch vs Outlaw. What would you choose?
Hooch vs Outlaw. What would you choose?

3 – Big Welcoming Community

If you have a board in your hand, you are no stranger to the North Carolina community.  Whether we visited Wilmington, Asheville, or Boone, it was all the same sweet southern hospitality from the skaters.  Now the people who live in the mountains and don’t skate, they either love it and get stoked , or don’t really like what we do.

Asheville squad #elkrunsonly
Asheville squad. #elkrunsonly


Jarrid Lopez on basically the coolest run in North Carolina
Jarrid Lopez on basically the coolest run in North Carolina.


4 – Endless Downhill Runs

It is physically impossible to skate all the hills in one day, even if you took just one run each.  With the amount of skating we did, it was barely scratching the surface. Since western North Carolina is in the Appalachian mountains, there’s a ridiculous number of hills to skate.  You’ll start to crave more and more.

Toeside blunts 4 dayz
Toeside blunts 4 dayz!

5 – Team Broke Off Kicks Ass

I’ve seen and heard of Team Broke Off’s work for years, but never met the person behind the lens, until I met Matt Mckeon. Never in my life have I ever met a videographer with such character, passion, intelligence, and theatrics.  He allowed Brandon and I to stay at his place for the weekend with great skater hospitality. He’s the type of guy you would want to hang out with at a skate event for sure. I hope to skate again with this guy soon. Next time we’ll swap drivers so EVERYONE  gets a chance to take a run. Make it a good one.

Matt McKeon of Team Broke Off
Matt McKeon of Team Broke Off.


Matt Mckeon dropping it low on a local favorite
Matt Mckeon dropping it low on a local favorite.


Shakas for the boys
Shakas for the boys!


Photos by Brandon DesJarlais

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