3 Reasons Why Tenerife is the Perfect Vacation for EU Longboarders

When I told my homeboy Brandon, that I had plans on spending my birthday on the beautiful island of Tenerife, Spain this year he encouraged me to keep my eyes open. What makes this place so special? Why is this small Spanish isle the perfect longboarding retreat?
Moonshine board overload in Tenerife


To be honest – it was quite a challenge for me to keep my eyes on anything besides the awesome spots, that can be found in any and every corner of the isle… but before I kill the structure of this little list completely, let me start with…

Number 1: Getting There is Cheap

When done smart, it won´t kill your wallet. It´s actually pretty affordable to go to Tenerife in winter in order to escape middle Europe´s widespread ice and snow.

Just make sure you check the flights from time to time and stay flexible with the dates and you shall be able to go there for under 200 bucks.

Flo Kuf sliding Abades

Number 2: Skate-Friendly Climate 

(In the southern area)

Right after your arrival, you most likely will get this special “holiday-feeling” immediately. Palms surrounding the very small airport and a very pleasing temperature throughout the whole year.
You might say: OK – it´s warm throughout the whole year. That is not too special.
Yeah – but the average of only 14 rainy days per year just makes this island THE playground for shredding as it is almost always dry and nice.
 Richie skating Adeje roads

Number 3: The Spots are ENDLESS

Tenerife´s most iconic landmark is definitely the Teide. At an impressive 3718m of height, it’s officially Spain´s highest mountain. You can imagine, that the rest of the isle is also spiked with “ups and downs”. There´s spots – not only for days – but for years!
From infamous tracks like the Anaconda or El Bueno for seriously sends, to 100s of fun little slide spots, Teneriffe´s got you covered! Everything a skater could ask for can be found here ALL YEAR LONG!
Homeboy Gerhard Kirsch nose-manualing his Elixir

So that´s my Top-3 of what I love about that very special place in the Atlantic ocean.

Honorable mentions go out to:
  • great food and cheap beer
  • super-friendly people
  • cheap rental cars
  • various other activities, so you also can bring your non-skater friends with you. They go hiking or surfing throughout the days – and you have a blast together in the evenings!

Cheap villas in Tenerife

On this trip I found myself using my Sidekick on the longest wheelbase.
I have a shoesize of 42, so I enjoy that it’s narrow. Also, the kick makes it extra versatile for popping ollies over curbs and practicing my trick game!

Get yours today at moonshinemfg.com!

Eternal beauty of the sidekick

Richard Enzmann

Richie is a crazy mofo from the depths of the Bavarian Forest, Germany. He´s been around for quite a while and as a multiple board-shredding dude, he´s able to tackle any element by plank. As a member of the infamous Sektor F crew he´s a true skate-community kinda guy. Supporting the local scene with the legendary KIRSCHIE ULE RICHIE SHOW and throwing some big ass skids with his beloved Hooch is on his agenda. Holla at this dude! Make sure you also check out him and his budies on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DIE.KIRSCHIE.ULE.RICHIE.SHOW

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