Shirtless and Freezing at Skate the Cape 2017

Skate the Cape is now one for the books!

I never made it out to Delware before, until my buddy Jarrid Lopez hit me up “Come to skate the cape you’ll have a good time” Boy was he right. First day of the event you get to know just about everyone there, everyone is in good spirits. Taking tons of practice runs and talking about setups. It was cold but no one complains when you’re taking pack runs down a narrow bike path.

The Skate the Cape 2017 SQUAD
Slalom course at Skate the Cape
Skate the Cape 2017 slalom

The bails where gnarly the close calls were… close. People took falls like champs out there! It was a fight to get to the front the fastest and avoid the inevitable carnage.

Pile up on the DH course at Skate the Cape

Camp vibes

After the first day we setup the bonfires for the night. Something about skaters and bonfires go hand and hand together. People were shirtless in below freezing temperatures. Singing and playing instruments. Cooking up some near college degree foods. All in all it was a hell of a good night!

Competitions for everyone

One of my favorite things about the event was how reminded I was about how it’s not how fast something is, it’s how fun you make. The event had tons of different competitions for everyone’s liking: rollercross, sprint race, solom, hippie jump & slide jam. Some skaters did all the events back to back (They must be running on stoke fuel or something). Battling it out in every event and you can see the enthusiasm in everyone’s face when they go down. I watched Jarrid go all in this weekend at every event they had, and it was great. He even ended up winning 3 of the categories and placing in 7. This guy has stoke for days!

Skate the Cape downhill course
Jarrid and me on the downhill course.

Until next time

Wrapping things up we said our “see you on the next one” for we came to an event to skate and left with so much more! I’d really like to thank Rob for setting this up. It has been a blast a everyone who came to make the event to make it what it is.

My board of choice:  Moonshine MFG Elixir.

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(Photos by Suzan Knott)

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