The “Most Dangerous Race” is in NYC – Broadway Bomb adventures

Broadway Bomb “The Most Dangerous Race”

Cheap pizza, vomit on the subway, cops everywhere, and good skating vibes is how you’d describe a skater’s experience of New York City. The Broadway Bomb is an outlaw longboard push race that takes place the third Saturday in October every year. Hundreds of participants skate eight miles down the street through traffic. Having to avoid cars, pedestrians, and even cops, many call it “the most dangerous race”.
Fueling up at a proper NYC diner.


My day starts at 6am, getting off the bus in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York. I met up with Moonshine team manager, Brandon DesJarlais. We grabbed breakfast and I got to set up a new and unreleased deck, the “Sidekick”. Basically it’s a smaller version of our popular “Outlaw” deck. After breakfast we cruised around the big apple and shot media for the new boards. After getting on the wrong train three separate times, and witnessing a lady vomit on AND off the train, we finally made it to the starting line to meet up with Moonshine ambassador Guillermo Allase. We rallied, got stoked and pumped up for the race about to begin.
Super natural and candid shot of Jarrid in the big apple (not posed).

The Starting Line

Once the giant white flag dropped, everyone starting running up the hill. People shouting in joy. The energy was alive. Throughout the entire race, loud cheers, fist bumps, and high fives were being sent and recieved. Everybody was getting so stoked off one another! After the 8 mile adventure, skaters would cross the finish line at the Charging Bull statue on the south side of Manhattan.  Once the majority of participants finished the race, we all skated across the Williamsburg bridge where the famous Brooklyn pump track was located.  There were style sessions, live music, prize give-aways, barbeque, and of course unlimited access to the pump track.
Brooklyn NYC pump track
The Brooklyn Pump Track from above.

First time on a pump track

I never been on a pump track before, and I learned very quickly that they take a lot of leg strength when it comes to speed and endurance.  After spending the rest of the afternoon at the track, it was time to settle down over a much deserved pizza and beer. Finally, 9pm came and I had to say goodbye and get on the bus back to my hometown in Virginia.
Jarrid Lopez at the NYC pump track
Sending it around the Brooklyn pump track.


Jarrid Lopez at the pump track with the Moonshine Mfg Sidekick
Jarrid’s first time on a pump track.
Jarrid Lopez, Moonshine Mfg rider chilling on the Williamsburg Bridge
Chillin on the infamous Williamsburg Bridge after the Broadway Bomb.
The event was an amazing experience, even after six years of absence. I’m stoked to see this race still going strong for its 15th year. I look forward to coming to this event again next year, and hopefully with more members of the Moonshine crew.  I wish everyone safe travels to their homes, and keep on skating.
Moonshine Infuser - Brooklyn Bridge
Williamsburg Bridge from the Brooklyn pump track.

Jarrid Lopez

Hola, bonjour, and hello there. The name is Jarrid, and longboarding is what I do with fiery passion. I’m 300 months old, I’ve been riding longboards since the age of 13. Back then, I was only carving and doing manuals down the street of my neighborhood. It wasn’t until August 30, 2010 when I was 18, on my first day of college where I started taking longboarding to the next level. By September 17, 2010 I received my first sponsorship, and I’ve been competing, traveling, filming, and video editing ever since. Longboarding isn’t the only thing I enjoy. I also enjoy any boardsport in the world, from surfing, to knee boarding. Nature is the piece that ties everything together for me, and plays an important role in inspiration, beauty, and sanity. Anyway, if you ever see me at an event, or just want to send me a message to say hi, that’s cool too. To the future. Cheers!

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