in real life! How it happened.

How I met Raghav (Shutter Authority)

At that time I didn’t know who he was. It was a little bit weird for me because his target is very different than mine. His work focuses on video games, whereas my channel is only about riding, sometime with other disciplines (regular skate, bmx, roller), but that’s all. I was thinking, “ok, why not try?” I saw his popularity on youtube and it was interesting for me.

He told me he wanted to make a video at the Louvre like my Line of the Week series. When he arrived in Paris it was during the time I was working a lot. I finished late and made it to the spot early in the morning.

Filming at the Louvre

When we started, it was raining a little bit and the floor was wet. That didn’t stop us! We waited 30 min and it was fine. Fortunately there weren’t many visitors the day we shot. Raghav filmed with a canon and a gimbal. We started with the first plan when you see me start the game it was funny because we had to imagine everything around us.

He told me stuff like “there you should imagine a snake, and over there too!” haha. We continued like that for 2 or 3 hours. The focus was on dancing and imagining a strange world around us. The most funny scene we filmed was when I ran without the board. I run like an idiot! haha.

After Filming

When the night came, we stoped filming the video. During the film, I understood that this guy was more than a fucking good 3D fx designer, he is also a great person. We shared a very nice moment speaking about lots of things and the way we see the world.

After everything, Raghav went on to tell me :
“I randomly saw your Line of the week #7 on Facebook and was totally blown away! I had recently made my previous video with just a guy walking, so I could imagine that it would really look nice with the longboard. Just then I was planning a trip to Europe and thought of reaching out to you. So glad it worked out well!”

Now he’s back in the south of India and made the video there where he lives in Mysore.
We’re in touch about making another video in the future, so keep in touch ! 😉

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