Longboard Battles and FUN at Sektor F Skatefest

There were records set for sure, but only for downing beers and “dressing up as a caveman and racing a three-corners-track”. Sektor F Skatefest 2017 was ALL ABOUT the fun, the community, and of course the party.

Sektor F Skatefest 2017 starting line

Sektor F Skatefest is unlike any other event!

Sure, events in general are the blood running through skateboarding´s vains but, an event which anyone can join and be a part of  is in fact the glue that keeps the scene stuck together closely. That´s actually the amazing part of Sektor F Skatefest.
 Sektor F Skatefest 2017 group

This is an event where it all mixes up. You see young guns and beginners joining the real shredheads on the T-bar lift. There´s two things they all have in common: a HUGE smile upon their faces and decks under their feet.

Sektor F Skatefest 2017 lift

Biggest year so far!

After a few successful events, this year´s edition of Skatefest got even bigger. The crew added some skatepark-elements in the course and a massive pumptrack at the bottom. Everyone absolutely loved it!
Sektor F Skatefest 2017 pump track
Saturday was an over twelve-hour shredfest with the T-bar taking its laps without a single pause. As the sun rose on sunday the first rippers were already back on the course by foot…. that´s passion!

Throughout the event a lot of races took place, where the low difficulty of the track also came in handy. The shredders got all crazy in their choice of costumes and battled their way to the finish line with melee weapons made of foam in hand. – nly to get back in the lift with that smirky grin on their faces telling each other, “next run I´m gonna take you down buddy!”

Sektor F Skatefest 2017 start boards

Sektor F Skatefest 2017 corner

Skatefest did it again.

The guys from Sektor F put SKATE and FEST together to mix it up with some good old bavarian cold ones and a whole lot of lovely people.

Big ups and a huge thanks to everyone making this possible – and especially Team buddy Rick Willeboordse and KLD Media  for the sick pics.

Richard rides the Hooch

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Richard Enzmann

Richie is a crazy mofo from the depths of the Bavarian Forest, Germany. He´s been around for quite a while and as a multiple board-shredding dude, he´s able to tackle any element by plank. As a member of the infamous Sektor F crew he´s a true skate-community kinda guy. Supporting the local scene with the legendary KIRSCHIE ULE RICHIE SHOW and throwing some big ass skids with his beloved Hooch is on his agenda. Holla at this dude! Make sure you also check out him and his budies on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DIE.KIRSCHIE.ULE.RICHIE.SHOW

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