Moonshine Mfg ‘vanlife’ tour stop hits Giant’s Head

All night bus ride, lack of sleep and still stoked for GIANT’S HEAD

Words by:  Mark Nicolaus, @marknicolaus.  Who was way too stoked for the 2017 Giant’s Head Freeride?? WE WERE. The Moonshine Bus arrived at the hill at about 4:30 AM and everyone inside was able to finally catch some Z’s for 3 hours after a restless night of driving up through Washington and Southern British Columbia.

Brandon Desjarlais at Giant's Head
Brandon chilling before first run. Photo: Matt Boozer

First Run!

Giant’s Head is the one North American event that everyone is there to SEND IT! The event is held at Giants Head Park in the gorgeous Summerland, B.C. After waking up and trying to orientate ourselves, we were already headed up in the luxurious Budget shuttle trucks. Everyone at the top of the course didn’t know what to do with themselves while waiting for the O.K. to drop in for the first run. There is no turning back. Watching about 250 people dropping in one after the other, the Moonshine Crew dove in the rowdiness, full send.

Giant's Head crew ready for first run.
Giant’s Head crew ready for first run. Photo:  Matt Boozer

Camping at Hammock Hotel

After some of the most heinous runs taken in our lives, we headed to the campground where we found a “Hammock Hotel” under some bleachers and tents set up sporadically throughout the grounds. There were frisbees flying through the air, sumo wrestling on skateboards, and most importantly, everyone enjoying themselves (with a Ninkasi Brew). The first two days of the event are all about having fun and taking the tightest, gnarliest runs with your buds… The last day is a different story.

Giant's Head Hammock Hotel
Hammock Hotel, Photo:  Matt Boozer


Moonshine Outlaw Deck at Giant's Head
Rest after Day 1 #Outlaw.  Photo:  Matt Boozer

Day 2:  Giant’s Head Race Day

With unexpected rain showers throughout the day and a shortage of pinecones, race day was going off! Striker on the mic at Deadman’s (or Pinecone) Corner, and heats of two coming in hot to find themselves being pegged by pinecones, hay, and whatever anyone could get their hands on. The thing is about standing at Deadman’s corner, is you’re not a spectator. You are a part of the race and seeing what it takes to dismantle the riders from their boards. Rumor has it, this was the gnarliest year yet! After maximum carnage and an intense final heat, Mike Mayhew had taken first, Jasper Ohlsen in second, and Camilo Cespedes in third.

Christian Myers taking a nap after a long day of shredding at Giant's Head..
The definition of a fun day. Photo:  Matt Boozer

Giant’s Head made it a wrap for the xXx PNW Tour, and in my opinion, there was no better way to finish it off. Until next year, beautiful Pacific Northwest!

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