Skating the Austrian Alps and Kings Gate DH

Kings Gate is action packed and Austria delivers mountain fun

The adventure continues for team riders Brandon DesJarlais and Quirin Ilmer. Their most recent stop was at the Kings Gate DH in Hinterstoder, Austria.  For Quirin, this is his home turf and riding the a local track meant a lot to him. For Brandon, riding in the Austrian Alps is a dream come true. The week of riding was capped off with a top 10 finish for Brandon and a race WIN for Quirin.

Brandon leading the pack during Kings Gate race.
Brandon leading the pack. Photo: CK Photography
Kings Gate pre-race party.
Town party the before the race. Crazy time. Photo: Brandon DesJarlais

Kings Gate race recap from Quirin:


The first day of Kings Gate was really scary for me, there were so many crashes and so little protection that I couldn’t really enjoy it. However, on the 2nd day everything changed; the protection from bad to good, the weather from sunny to heavy rain and my worries turned into a smile. Somehow the track made even more fun in the rain and I was hoping for consistent wet qualification, but as a local I already should have known that the weather in the alps has its own rules. It was wet in the beginning, patchy in the middle and at the end there was rain and sun at the same time and the quali turned out to be a wheel poker. Nevertheless I qualified solid under the top 10.

Quirin in a qualifing run at Kings Gate DH.
Qualified top 10. On to the race. Photo: CK Photography

Race Day:

Then the weather changed again for the race- it was dry again and I had a great feeling from the first run on- I was in race mode and had a big smile on the start line. Normally I am pretty good at the start but in the final heat I totally missed it and came out third behind Zak and Aaron. Furthermore I was feeling Tristan right on my ass. I think everybody saw what happened then. I saw the tight action but was 100% focused on my line. I made my slide as long as I could see a gap where I can go through and that worked out pretty well. All in all it was a an amazing race day, it was my first IDF Worldcup victory and that it all happened on home soil is absolutely incredible for, those moments were really emotional for me.

Quirin with his prizes after Kings Gate DH Win.
Post-race beers on Quirin!  Photo:  Brandon DesJarlais

Of course I asked myself what will be next, but when I review the Kings Gate race, all I did was racing consistently, taking safe lines and had the right amount of luck on my side so I will keep on doing it that way and see what It brings me next.

Next up:

The boys are continuing their tour around Europe.  They’ll be stopping at shops, shredding local hills and of course, hitting more races.

Quirin and Brandon’s Gear Box:


Pro Tucker


Town party to cut down the May Tree.
May Tree cut down celebration. Photo: Brandon DesJarlais






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