Moonshine Mfg PNW team tour hits Maryhill Freeride

Great skating, extreme HEAT and fun mark another epic Maryhill Freeride weekend.

Words by: Christian Myers @og_christ.  Maryhill is one of the hills every long boarder NEEDS to skate. This road has hosted hundreds of events in the past decade; all oriented around gravity sports. Everywhere you look at the Maryhill Freeride, someone is having a great time. The night before the RVOD free-ride the gang drove the moonshine bus to Hood River after picking up some stowaways from Portland. After sleeping at teammate Max Watson’s house, the crew made the 45 minute drive in the cram packed bus.

Moonshine Mfg camp set up at Maryhill Freeride
Camp is set. Time to shred. #moonshinemfg #pnwtour #vanlife  Photo: @mattboozer


Camp set up and first Maryhill runs

Upon arrival our crew was heckled by the Maryhill Ratz for missing the first shuttle of the day. But after setting up camp and drinking some beers, the crew took some rowdy runs. Team rider Nick Pappas even gave away his rider registration to let me skate the hill for the first time ever. While skating Maryhill, there was this moment of deja vu after years of watching videos of the same turns. This feeling was best describable as trippy. By the end of the day the crew was teeming with stoke, and headed out to Peach beach (where the light pollution is low and the mosquito bites are high) to grab some shade and a cool dip in the Columbia River.

Jarrid at the Maryhill Freeride with the Outlaw deck.
Jarrid ready to shred the Outlaw. Photo: @mattboozer
Christian Myers filming a raw run at Maryhill Freeride
@og_christ filming the action. Photo: @mattboozer
Maryhill Freeride Camping.
Maryhill Freeride camping. #campvibes #vanlife Photo: @mattboozer

The Night Shift + Day 2

Camping through the night was challenging with the party hard efforts of “Striker” blasting tunes out of the crib bomb until 3am. It was because of this team moonshine woke up the next day to find the entire camp of skaters had left to skate the hill. So now with day two of showing up at the hill fashionably late, the crew was getting dialed on their lines. Rick got a go-pro follow run from his teammates, Jarrid attempted to manual down the whole hill and everyone was enjoying the pack runs. At the bottom of the hill Brandon had the adults covered with Ninkasi brews. After a scorching second day, the crew packed up camp, found a ride for the Portland stowaways, and set course for Summerland, BC for the Giants Head Freeride…

Packed runs with a great crew. #maryhillfreeride Photo: @mattboozer

More to come…the Moonshine Mfg PNW tour continues…

Christian @og_christ

Christian’s gear at Maryhill:

Rum Runner Carbon







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