Moonshine Mfg team tour stop #1 – Kamloops, BC

Words by:  Brandon DesJarlais

After driving 12 hours through the night, the Moonshine Mfg team finally made it to skate Sun Peaks. Upon arrival at the infamous Kamloops Longboard Park, the crew was up, dressed, and within 10 minutes they were on their boards and shredding. Immediately following, we went to the grocery store, the thrift store, chilled out, and made some last minute preparations for our weekend in Canada. Big slides, little straights, and pack runs made that evening at the Landyachtz Kamloops BBQ session a total success. It was great to see such a rad group of people come together for an evening sunset session.

Moonshine Mfg bus arriving in Kamloops.
Inside the Moonshine Mfg team bus.
Moonshine Mfg team rider Brandon Desjarlais prepping his Outlaw
Brandon prepping for wet pavement.













Day 1 started off with typical gloomy Canadian morning.

Rain runs all day.Christian and Nick took it pretty chill, saving themselves for the supposedly sunny and dry weather the following day. The rest of the team however was out on the hill tearing it up like it was nobody’s business! Trying to get a clean run in on this track is quite difficult – especially in the rain. Between the off-camber corners and the almost non-existent straights, this course proves to be a challenge for any rider. Plastic baggies and our innovative waterproof construction were major key.

Brandon and Jarrid finish off the day.
Cold one’s to finish off an epic day.

After the final runs came to a halt, the team hit the hotel room to unwind. What better way than tipping back a few rooftop brewskis and feeding wild foxes? Jarrid went a little too hard and ended up face down in bed before 8pm. At least he had a cuddle buddy. Haha!

Jarrid Lopez sleeping with his Moonshine Mfg deck.
Jarrid cuddles with his best friend.
Feeding a fox at night.
The foxes come out at night.

Day 2 – Sunshine and Curves!

Waking up the next morning to sunshine and dry pavement was exactly what everyone needed to hype up the day! It felt like there was easily twice the people skating as the day previous and there probably was. So many rad dudes out killing it, especially the local groms “little” Mason and “big” Mason. Those 2 went on to win the #smellsliketeamspirit costume contest and place one and two in the junior time trials. Halfway through the day, Christian Myers, Mark Nicolaus and I headed back to the bus to throw on our thrift store finds. A bit breezy but these next few runs were some of the most hectic we took together all day. I even recorded a live video holding my phone down a full stand up run. I went on to place 5th in the time trials alongside Troy Yardwaste, Dillon Stephens, and a few other badasses.

Moonshine Mfg team in thrift store dresses.
Thrift store shopping pays off!
Jarrid Lopez getting a close up of the tires.
Jarrid checking out the tires.
Moonshine Mfg crew shredding the curves at Kamloops Skate Park
Moonshine Mfg crew shredding the curves.

Can’t wait to make it out next year!

Moonshine Mfg. Gear Box:

Rum Runner Carbon




Rum Runner Convict








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