Moonshine Mfg team touring the PNW in 2017

With a “new” and upgraded bus, the Moonshine Mfg crew of originals hits the road for events around the Pacific Northwest.

Moonshine Mfg team rider Jarrid Lopez behind the wheel.
Jarrid Lopez in the captain seat.

Look for the Moonshine Mfg team at the following locations:

June 9-11 Sun Peaks
June 12 Skate Day in Vancouver BC
June 17 Skate n B8 Race Night, Salem Oregon
June 21 Daddies Board Shop, Portland, OR
June 24-25 Maryhill Free Ride
June 26-28 Giants Head Free Ride

…and many more spots around the Pacific Northwest. Just look for the 1995 Ford Shuttle Bus with a recently rebuilt transmission (that’s another story). It will be loaded with friends, fun, Moonshine Mfg stickers, hammocks, beanbags and plenty of stoke.

Here’s a video of last years road trip to wet your appetite. Film by Matt Boozer, Edit by Jarrid Lopez.

Who’s in the bus in 2017?

Moonshine Mfg Crew of Originals
Moonshine Mfg Crew

Brandon DesJarais, @desgnarlais
Jarrid Lopez, @jarrid_lopez
Rick Willeboordse, @rick.longboarding
Mark Nicolaus, @marknicolaus
Christian Myers, @og_christ
Nick Pappas, @nick.pappas_
Photographer, Matt Boozer, @mattboozer




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