Longboarding 101 Coming to a University Near You

Team rider Jarrid Lopez creates campus stoke by teaching longboarding course at Towson University and James Madison University.

Words by:  @Jarrid Lopez When the snow has thawed, the pollen is everywhere, and the days are longer, it’s a perfect time to start longboarding on campus again. With the spring semester coming to an end, longboarding is a great activity to ease the stressful mind from final exams. And what better way than having a Moonshine Mfg. rider come to your campus and talk about the sport.

Jarrid teaching Longboarding class
Professsor Lopez at Towson University. Photo: Matt Boozer

In spring 2017, I wanted to host another longboard seminar and clinic at two colleges. The first one being Towson University in Towson, MD. The second, James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. As a Virginia resident, these schools weren’t too far of a drive for a traveling skater.

Towson University, MD

First stop was Towson University and their longboarding club known as “The Glider Alliance”. I’ve been skating at events with these guys since 2015, and they’re always stoked for a session. Every time I go to an event with their crew, they’re full of good vibes and high fives, especially Animal (what a wild dude). On Friday night, we had the seminar in Hawkins hall which had more students than I anticipated. Afterwards, we skated the parking garages on campus for late night garage bombing. Watch out for the slippery pavement though, it claimed a few riders that night. On Saturday, we all drove an hour from campus to compete in the Sugar Loaf Mountain Outlaw Race. Fellow moonshine teammate, Mark Nicolaus Jr met up with us to join in on the janky carnage. The pavement was almost as chundery as the bonus mile on tuna canyon in California. Fast, sketchy, but overall a lot of fun that day.

James Madison University

Next stop is James Madison University, a friendly college up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The whole town was full of hills and hospitality. Friday, I spent cruising around campus with club president David Boyd getting the whole school stoked for the weekend. That night, before we even arrived to the classroom to set up, there were students lined up outside the classroom. The seminar went very well, we had a great turn out with numbers and had a big skate session afterwards. The next day, it was raining but we decided to still have the clinic anyway. I was utterly surprised to see students still come out to the hill to skate and learn. We set up the moonshine tent, made a course out of cones and wheels to teach the riders how to slide with control and direction. Skating in the rain didn’t last too long for the riders, for they were pretty wiped out between the wet clothes and falling numerous times. Even with the bad weather, the whole weekend exceeded our expectations, for me and JMU longboard club.

Power sliding class at JMU
Power slides at JMU. Photo: Nick Johnson

Overall, visting these two colleges to teach longboarding was an amazing experience. It was heart- warming seeing more riders out there doing what they love besides getting that college degree. I hope to return next year with more riders, colleges, support, and stoke. I want to thank club presidents Parrish Walker and David Boyd for making these events possible. Also a shout out to my sponsors for supporting our cause for longboard education. Stay golden!

Longboarding crew at JMU braving the rain.
Skate crew braving the rain at JMU. Photo: Nick Johnson






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