Moonshine Mfg escapes winter, kicks off skate season in the Canary Islands

By: Richard Enzmann  “It´s easy to wait for summer – but it takes too long!”

February 2017 / Germany:
Gravel, icy roads and temperatures so far below zero, even Subzero himself would´ve put on the Merino Wool Socks.

It´s obvious:  the decision to escape this German misery wasn’t really a tough one at all – so the plan was set in about five minutes.   Let’s start the season at Big Mountain Skate´s (more or less official) kickoff event for 2017: the Arico – El Bueno Freeride!

Going on the first skate trip of the season always gets me hyped like a little kid on Christmas eve. Flying to the Canaries after a long freezing winter, was a whole other level of stoke. So we left cold and grey Germany for the sunny isle of Tenerife.

Skate with a view!
Skate with a view!

Right after touchdown, we mounted the setups and skated the airport´s bus-station awaiting the shuttle to Ecovilla Resort in Abades, our home for the next couple of days.

Resort room with skake gear ready.
Ecovilla Resort in Abades

Exploring the small town and fooling around a little bit on Sunday, we sure had in mind, that Monday would bring on the real goods. And so was it:

Going to the top of the track for the first time was more than impressive.

With it´s rough and desert-ish kind of nature, the volcanic island itself is a real gem.

Combining this unique landscape with such a wet dream of a road, just made the whole scenario almost a little bit unreal.
“Are we really right about to shred this thing?!”
Perfect vibes to start the season!






Skating the course.
Laying down some thane on the volcanic pavement.

The course wasn’t really too challenging. Just a curvy super-fun track with smooth volcanic pavement (absolutely SLAYING thane off your wheels) and an epic view.
Luckily, the weather-forecast was terribly wrong, so our raincoats weren’t touched at all and the sun smiled down on us the whole week: knowing that no skater on earth has a sunscreen-sponsor and that there´d be a lot of noses to burn.

Moonshine Rum Runner Skate.
My weapon of choice.

As the days went by, the bonds got closer: Sharing our food, mattress, laughs and runs, having a beer at the beach or skating the mini-ramp – all those little things we did and shared together, made the week pass by in an instant and left us with nothing but the purest smiles in our hearts and on our faces.

All in all I have to say:
The guys from Big Mountain Skate are all well known for their commitment and passion. That’s for sure, but what these dudes put up with this event was even more.
It was the pure Joy of being part of that well organized chaotic family, they call community… to me: the essence of skating itself.

Big ups to:
BMS for keeping it tite, Benno for being my friend and a jerk, Shanti Avanti for teaching us the ways of the pirates, Dave and Barb for cooking and St. Peter for support from above and of course Talwärts Boardshop for all the support and love… 2017´s ON!

Tank on the Canary Islands.
And Yes, there were tanks!





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