We’re designing our next skate deck, wanna help?

How the team at Moonshine Mfg. goes about designing and building the next great skate deck.

New shapes for 2017 have been released and the skate season is finally on! So naturally, we are headed to the R&D lab to build our next great Moonshine deck. What’s our formula for success?

Custom Hooch decks for muir skate
Custom Muir Skate Hooch.
Skate team at Maryhill
Brandon & Kiefer at Maryhill.
  • Start by listening to our team, ambassadors, shops and Moonshine riders. What do you love about our decks? What could be improved? What’s missing from the line?
  • Vote on ideas that could potentially fit in the line, and make sure they have the DNA of Moonshine Mfg (i.e. what puts a smile on riders faces).
  • Collaborate with our head Moonshine engineer, Ebb, build prototypes and start riding!
  • Have fun, and a few beers. Skating is fun, creating skateboards should be fun too.
Ebb, designing the next great deck.
Lead engineer, Ebb, designing the next great deck.

There will inevitably be plenty of failures (we’re good at failing) – but that’s how greatness happens. Learn from your failures, improve, re-test and repeat! Last year, our formula resulted in the Elixir, Outlaw and Proof – so we know it works.

We’ve been collecting rider feedback and have a few good ideas in the hopper, but we could use more. Tell us what you think. We’d love you hear from you. Who knows, you might see your idea in next year’s Moonshine Mfg line up. Hit us up by commenting on this post, Instagram or Facebook.

Keep shredding!





36 Replies to “We’re designing our next skate deck, wanna help?

  1. i had a rum runner for a short while. i tried my friend’s elixir and outlaw. it would be great if you could have a micro drop in the middle between nose and single kick tail, something like S9 Louis Pilloni Pro or Powell Peralta Byron Essert Pro.

  2. Here’s my ideas for you guys!

    – kicktail or no kicktail
    – 3/8in crescent drop
    – .5 or .65in rocker
    – Wheelbase 24 to 28in
    – Similar shape as the outlaw
    – Black and gold color theme — graphic is black with a natural finish and the guard rails are gold

  3. I know it’s kinda hard for ya to accomodate all riders preference and find something in the middle which still will not appease the masses…So I would just humbly suggest a Carbon Hooch, Outlaw for starters…???

  4. Heavy concave on rum runner to make it perfect!
    got hooked on hooch but wanted a smaller deck so switch to R.R. but had eventually to go back to Hooch since concave was not deep enough for me (sliding off ain’t a pleasant sensation…)

    OR best of the best, a W concave on RumRunner. .. To reach the perfect board : )

    1. I would also add some plastic/hard silicon on contour to protect edges.
      could be the next tech move for moonshine.

  5. I’d really like to see a dropped deck! I ride an Omen Chief! I tried a moonshine deck but it misses that nice wedge you can lock yourself into with my Chief! I’d really like to see a dropped platform deck!

  6. Hey Moonshine, i like your boards a lot!! I have a rum runner and it is a great board, but for the next boards i wish the new boards would have a light/aggressive concave and two gas-pedals on the rear side.

  7. Hey,
    I’d like to see the top fibreglass sheet to be reinforce with something much more durable than what we have now as for certain board, as when you fall and flipped the board around, the top fibreglass sheet would tend to ‘explose’ and risking to expose the wood inside.
    Or maybe just let the area that is risky (on the top of the wheel flare mostly) covered with the urethane bumper so that instead of eating away the fiber sheet, they’d eat out the urethane and not risking the water proof of the board.

  8. A new design should have about a 36 inch deck, I think moonshine is one of the only brands that haven’t made a drop deck. I myself arent a big fan of drop decks but it’s very appealing to other riders and it allows for larger wheels. Like what LQMNHKIMI said it would be good to have a urethane growth flare in case of wheel bite. I have a rum runner and now that I’ve rode it for a bit I love it but when pumping down a hill it full sending a hill I sometimes get wheelbite and eat pavement. One technology I’ve seen board companies do is make built in wedges for mounting trucks.

  9. I would like to see a pintail honestly….. call it something like winding lightning lol idk just think it would be cool to have a board that’s reminiscent of curvy country roads that have you going back and fourth to avoid crashing from the cops while you deliver your moonshine lol

  10. Yo i got a hooch and I love it, the concave is subtle and perfect and nice and wide for my feet. Personally for nxt yrs line up, u guys shud make a deck that’s exactly like the hooch in every way, but perfectly symmetrical. The back tail is amazing and I would kill to have it in the front as well. Keep doin whatchu doin guys! Best quality decks around!!!!

  11. Hi moonshine!

    I’ll just jump right into it.
    Well your decks are so fking amazing when it comes to downhill, freeride! But when it comes to freestyle it’s extremely hard to adapt?
    Like I tried riding the Hoedown and Elixir for a while and gave up riding it cause the urethane rails keeps on jaming to the floor preventing me to complete a trick e.g No-comply and other tail dragging stuff. Probably it’s just me and stuff? Another problem is the fiber glass shedding off really easily once it gets damage? Like for hoedown once it gets damage on the bottom it starts shedding like Christmas, same goes for the elixir but this time to the sides of the deck. Overall still a Fking amazing deck!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best regards

  12. Maybe some deep drops like the prism theory, but not as agressive, a directional downhill shape with a kicktail, taper, rocker, flushmounts, some big wheel flares and maybe you guys could add just wooden boards to your lineup, mostly for not so wealthy people ( or maybe just some 13 year olds) who can’t really afford expensive decks ( like me ?)

  13. Symmetrical shaped dancer, with smoother, rounded edges and kicks (not as boxy as hoedown),
    Roam grip on kicks only, and fine grip near the rails, leaving the center grip free for pirouettes. Maybe a 47″ version of the Elixir

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