Jeff Corsi is a dancing MANIAC!

French skater and dancer extraordinaire Jeff Corsi joined Moonshine MFG’s lineup of ambassadors in early 2016. Check out his amazingly smooth style in this “Welcome to the Team” cut.


A few words from Jeff Corsi:

I’m Jeff Corsi, I am 24 years old and I live in Paris. I grew up in Bois-Le-Roi, a small village in the south of Paris.

Quite quickly, I started to realize the ride was one possibility to express myself through skating and surfing in the southwest of France, in Landes ( a country named French California by the surfers who live there).

One day around 2009, I found the dancing skills with some friends in Paris. It was a revelation for me. To combine dancing and skating is an exceptional way to express yourself. Close to skating and surfing, this is a new approach allows me to combine these two disciplines.

Since 2009, I have ridden in a lot of countries in Europe and in the United States during several trips.

For me, longboard dancing is more than regular skate tricks. Why? Because it’s a discipline close to the Art of Movement.

Now I’m not looking for the best tricks, I’m looking for the most fluent possibility to do this.

When the sport crosses the path of the art, a wonderful new way appears. And I’m sure lots of things still need to be written or to be danced on.

I don’t want to be a skater, I want to be a dancer, I don’t want to be an athlete I want to be an artist. With Moonshine, and the Hoedown, I will try to show you that.

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