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Moonshine MFG launches longboarding’s first Performance Guarantee

In an industry notoriously hard to carve a niche in, one blossoming brand is going on the offensive in 2016 as it continues a push to set itself apart from, and above, the competition.

Moonshine MFG exploded on the longboarding scene in 2015 and quickly built a reputation as one of the hottest new brands in the world. Based in the quiet Pacific Northwest town of North Bonneville, Wash., Moonshine MFG is a grassroots brand born on the factory floor by a group of workers who saw the potential to use cutting edge wake and kiteboard technology to build longboards unrivaled by anything else in the world.

In the first year of production, Moonshine’s line grew from just a few core shapes to more than a dozen, and as retailers and distributors realized the truly exceptional features and benefits of Moonshine boards, the brand went global in very short order.

Moonshine has high expectations for 2016, and with the start of the new year has rolled out an industry-first guarantee aimed to instill further confidence in the brand, both on a dealer and consumer level.  Moonshine is offering a 30-day no-questions-asked Performance Guarantee (in addition to its standard warranty policy), which gives customers the option of exchanging boards if they feel they haven’t made the right selection.

“The longboard industry is saturated with products, and consumers are often faced with the dilemma of being overloaded in their decision making process,” said Greg Kish, Moonshine sales and marketing manager. “This guarantee basically tells customers, ‘If you invest in Moonshine, we’ll invest in you by making sure you get exactly what you want.’ We’re giving customers 30 days to try a board and exchange it if they’re not completely satisfied.”

Kish says he expects the number of exchanges to be relatively low, in part because of Moonshine’s top-shelf price point.

“Moonshine is a high-end brand that uses completely unique manufacturing to build boards unlike anything else in the world,” he explained. “That’s not just hype, when you hold a Moonshine board you see it instantly. The higher price point inspires customers to do their homework first to figure out exactly what they want, rather than buying on impulse. This guarantee is designed to take the pressure off of customer in that buying process.”

Moonshine introduced the program at the recent Agenda Long Beach trade show, which attracts skate manufacturers, distributors, retailers and dealers from around the world.

“For dealers and retailers, this program is a win-win,” Kish added. “Not only is it an invaluable sales tool, but Moonshine customer service will handle individual cases directly. This guarantee is the first of its kind in longboarding and is a bold statement in the confidence we have with our brand. Moonshine boards are the best out there; we know it and we guarantee it.”

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