Moonshine MFG introduces new shapes, fresh graphics for 2016

Moonshine MFG is excited to announce the release of seven new decks to its ever-growing lineup of high-end, high-tech longboards. Of the seven, four are brand new shapes and three are graphic updates to popular existing boards (see below for details on each).

With these exciting additions, Moonshine’s lineup is now 17 boards strong and covers an even wider facet of the sport, from world-class downhill racing to aggressive freeriding to mellow campus cruising. While shapes, profiles and performances of each board differs greatly, every one is hand made in the USA, with the same unique DNA that has put Moonshine on the map as the hottest new longboard brand on the market.

Moonshine is also launching an industry-first 30-day performance guarantee for 2016, which gives customers 30 days to decide if the Moonshine board they have selected is the right one for them. See details below.

New to 2016:

Spark: A compact single-kick directional designed for all-around cruising. The Spark features a super-fun shape with subtle concave and enough kick to slash sidewalks and negotiate curbs, cracks and other city obstacles with ease. The Spark’s compact size makes it an ideal campus cruiser and it can be strapped to a standard skate-carry backpack.

Bootlegger: A drop-through deck with slight camber and subtle concave designed for carving and campus cruising. The Bootlegger is similar to our popular County Line deck but is more compact and features a narrower wheel-base. This is a fun and extremely user-friendly board for casual riding.

Spirit: A downhill race board designed for compact riders who want to go fast. The Spirit is a collaborative design between Moonshine and team rider Victoria Waddington. It features just enough concave to rail turns and throw slides and a comfortable micro-drop for locking-in at speed. The Spirit’s dimensions favor smaller riders or those who prefer a more compact platform.

Spirit Carbon: An upgraded version of the Spirit featuring high-end carbon construction that adds stiffness and torsional response. For downhill racers, the Spirit Carbon is simply unparalleled.

Updated graphics: Hooch Green, Hooch Burnout and Rum Runner Convict- same great platform as before with fresh graphics to give customers more options. Original Hooch and Rum Runner graphics still available.

Moonshine’s 30-Day Performance Guarantee: Moonshine is so confident in the quality and performance of its boards that it’s launching an industry-first guarantee (in addition to its standard warranty policy) : If a customer is unsatisfied with his/her Moonshine board for any reason, within 30 days of purchase, Moonshine will exchange it for another Moonshine board of their choosing. This unique guarantee is desinged to give customers confidence in their investment with Moonshine MFG. If they’re unsatisfied or feel they have selected the wrong board, Moonshine will make sure they get the right one, no questions asked.

Moonshine DNA: Moonshine MFG uses manufacturing technologies borrowed from ski, wake and kiteboarding industries to build longboards unlike anything else in the world.

Handmade, one-by-one, in a small factory in the Pacific Northwest, Moonshine boards are constructed around vertically laminated Pacific Albus wood cores, which utilizes the strongest grain of actual lumber and ensures precision shape and contour with every board. Moonshine boards feature compression molding and CNC shaping, precision machined truck mounts, a full urethan rail and truck mounts and a composite fiberglass wrap.

The result is a product significantly stronger and more durable, as well as thinner and lighter, than any other brand on the market. With boards completely sealed from the elements and protected by a full urethan rail, Moonshine is the only brand in the world to be able to claim waterproof, curb proof, delam proof and warp/twist proof longboards.





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